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Car Top Signage

The original triangular car top sign.
"The Sign" being made of all space age plastics, makes it a light weight and easy to handle sign. The 12 volt lighting system uses 3 bulbs for even illumination.
"The Sign"
can be plugged directly into a cigarette lighter receptacle, or for vehicles without a receptacle an alternate battery hook-up is available.

U.S. Pat. #4671004
U.S. Pat. #4787163
Can. Pat. #1260262

The CTS-III is made of the same space age materials and high quality plastics, making it durable and easy to attach and remove from any vehicle. The 2 sided shape of the CTS-III will give your delivery or home service vehicles a NEW look to set them apart from those using the traditional three sided signs.

This sign is constructed of high impact plastics, making the sign very durable, long lasting and light weight.
Clear lexan plastic brackets allows unobstructed viewing through window. Two high quality adjustable suction cups, for easier mounting and better stablity, are standard. Adjusters keep sign straight at all times.
This sign offer detachable cords which plug directly into the cigarette lighter. Optional wiring systems are availible for direct connection to battery or taillight wire.

Made of high impact ABS plastics and acrylic faces to silk screen on your company information. This sign was very light weight

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