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FAX'T FOOD © is meant to be used by all types of PC computer users. At work or at home.You do not need to be on the web to use this program. Privacy is what you have with this program. No one but the restaurant will see what info you have sent. There is no searching on the web for your FAX'T FOOD © restaurant. Its right on your computer, and it is more fun than a web page. If you are not on the web, or you are limited to its use, it does not matter. FAX'T FOOD © only needs a fax or a fax modem to place an order. It also remembers what you ordered. "FAX'T FOOD on the computer superhighway©" is a new software program developed by Marlin Berg This program will allow you to order food from your favorite restaurant without searching for a menu or picking up the phone. This program will make completed orders with total, tax, and "no mistakes" that can be sent by fax. The benefits that this program has for you: eliminates waiting on the phone, orders with no mistakes, faster way of placing an order when you have limited time. This program can be used by anyone. There are many other features to this program that will be of assistance to you. Take this program and download it to see how really great it is.It's free for the end user.

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To the store owner: FAX'T FOOD © is the greatest tool to give your customers so they will order food from your place of business. When your customer starts their computer, at home or work, they will see the name of your restaurant all the time. They received the program for free, and now they see your name every day. Its a win-win situation for both partys But the best part for you is that you can have less people answer the phone. This program gives you all the info you need for there order. When you buy refrigerator magnets, car top signs and door tackers, your are doing the same thing as FAX'T FOOD ©. Only people can use FAX'T FOOD © all the time. Now what you need to do is call now and let me tell you more.

A Letter from Harry's Restaurant

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