The FSBC1 and FSBC2, fork stem bolt clock, takes the place of the chrome fork stem bolt cap. Our part comes with clock, screw and billet housing along with an extra rubber ring for the clock. As you can see from the part, this is a fine addition to your bike.

Take the unit out of the package, remove the clock by pushing the screw against the clock to pop it out or you can pry from the edge of the clock and you will see a screw behind the clock. Put the unit where your chrome cap was and tighten screw gently. Take the clock and moisten the ring around the clock with a water damp cloth. This will allow the clock to slide in place easier. When you insert clock into holder, make sure stem section is inserted first and then continue putting clock in place, by firmly pressing down.  Push it in place on the chrome edges of the clock inward making sure that the clock is in place. Make sure clock is inserted all the way before riding.

This clock is waterproof, shock resistant and  the numbers will glow in the dark. The clock base can be polished with a good chrome polish. If your fork stem bolt does not have a hole in the center your Harley Dealer has them in stock.
Installation Instructions
The FSBC1 and FSBC2, fork stem bolt clock
Last update 8/24/04
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