You will have a choice of a white  or red light
Marlin’s  has a new LED lighting system available for all of our clocks and thermometers. Our lights are unique. You do not have to push a button to make your light go on for just for a few seconds.  All you need to do is turn your key,  and the light will go on. We have even gone further  than that! You can  adjust the intensity of the light as much as you would like. Another unique feature is that our lights are available in either red or white LED light.  With this LED lighting , we can still have a white or black face on our  clocks or  thermometers so it will match you gauges.
Our lights will fit on all of our older clock and thermometers . If you are not mechanically inclined you do not need to hard wire our light to your bike, it comes with a  9 V battery case with an on/off switch.
This light is a snap fit on to your existing clock or thermometer.
Last up date 11/02/04
The chrome part that you see to the left in the photo is the light that
will go on to the clock or thermometer. This light not only looks great
it will be a great help at knight.
White Light
Battery case and on and off switch
16 in wire
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Red Light
16 in wire
You can order your lights from this page
Order white light $23.95
Order red  light $19.95
If you have one of our clock our a thermometer and need a light order it here.
The light comes with Installation Instructions on how to install the light
                                              Tool instruction
The chrome part that you see in the photo is the light that
will go onto the clock or thermometer. This light not only looks great
it will be a great help at night.

Take the clear pry tool and put it as shown in photo.
Then pull up on the back of the tool and it will go under the light edge. 
It will pop up just enough to take the light cover off with your fingers.
Tool comes with light Free
Split the red wire and put the potentiometer where you split the wire and solder  where
necessary. Put one red wire on pin #1 then put the other red wire on pin 2 or 3.
I cut a hole in the black bag where there was room inside, and made sure that there would not
be any shorts.
If you are hard wiring the light to the bike you can do the same thing still using the red wire,
just make sure that the wire on the Potentiometer is covered so there will not be any bare wires.   
To install a  Potentiometer
How to take your led light from bright to dim.
*Lights have been tested before they are sent out.
To install the light, the red wire coming from the light is + Positive, and the white wire is - Negative
You need to make sure that you find the Positive and Negative wires.
If you put these wires to two Positives you will blow the lights.
If you choose to install your light into the vehicle’s wiring system,
we cannot be responsible for the light burning out due to
incorrect installation.
You can twist this knob to make the light brighter or dimmer
# D1AA53-ND
Pkg of 1
Micro-Size Potentiometer
Trimpot 5K Carbon Standup (502)
$1.50 Each
Bright Light
Dim Light
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