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Leather Legs

Really Work and Look Good Doing It!"

Leather Legs™

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#BB Price: $75.95
#BF   Price: $85.95
#B2T  Price:   $85.95
Black Basic  (Black stitching)
Black Fancy (Black Stitching)
Black on Black (Double  row   Contrasting Stitching)
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#L2T   Price: $85.95
#LOSF   Price: $85.95
#DOSB  Price: $75.95
Light Two Tone (Double Row Contrasting Stitching)
Light Oil Skin Fancy. (Contrasting Stitching)
Dark Oil Skin Basic
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#LOSB   Price: $75.95
#DOSF   Price: $85.95
#BSS   Price: 0000
Light Oil Skin Basic
Dark Oil Skin Fancy
Black with Silver Trim
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Marlin's Motorcycles
#D2T    Price: $85.95
#BFR    Price: $95.95
Dark Two -Tone
Black Fancy with Fringe
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Top grain oilskin ( designated with the letters OS in style #) is an extremely durable leather. Oil tanning has long been used to promote water resistance and, more recently, to achieve the popular "outback" look. Hard use and scuffs add to this leather's character. With Age, They only Get Better. We offer both light and dark earth tones as well as black. #HO Features full "Hair- On" calf hide trim, that's very dark brown & white, on a complimentary dark OS. #2T styles have double row contrasting stitching dow the sides.

Made of heavier leather than most chaps, all Leather Legs TM offer greater protection for those who work or play off the beaten path. Both hunters and horsemen are spared from cactus, mesguite, wet brush and other unforeseen dangers lurking in the grass or barn.


Over the clothes and footwear you will usually be wearing, gently snug a tape measure around the biggest part of your calf.

For Larger, 1" and 2" extenders are available, simply zip'em onto the Leather Legs TM zipper in the back.

Leather Legs This goes to more info & photos click on photo

Plain Leather Legs - $75.95 Part # Plain Leather Legs BB
Size ( inches around calf, over clothes )

Black Tulsa
14 is 13.5" to 14.5"15 is 14.5" to 15.5"16 is 15.5" to 16.5"17 is 16.5 to 17.5
Dark Brown, Light Brown, Black

Fancy Leather Legs - $85.95 Part # Fancy Leather Legs
Look at photos at top LOSF, DOSF, BF, BFR, B2T
Size ( inches around calf, over clothes )

Firmer Leather Browns
14 is 13.25" to 14.25"15 is 14.25" to 15.25"16 is 15.25" to 16.25"
17 is 16.25 to 17.25
Dark Brown, Light Brown, Black
If you want fringe on Fancy Leather Legs will be $95.95

Leather Legs Extensions - For Larger Legs $7.95
Part # Leather Legs Extensions
Size 1" Extensions Size 2" Extensions
Dark Brown, Light Brown, Black

Specification and prices subject to change without notice.
F 0 B Ferndale Mi.
Warranties will be handled by respective companies.

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