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Storage List

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Your Storage List:

Date. ________

01. Change engine oil & filter.    Date Done_________________________________________
02. Inspect air cleaner and service as required.      Date Done  _________________________ 
03. Clean tappet oil screen.*    Date Done __________________________________________
04. Change primary chaincase lubricant and clean magnetic drain plug.     Date Done _______
05. Check/adjust primary chain.         Date Done ____________________________________
06. Check clutch adjustment.     Date Done__________________________________________
07. Change transmission lubricant and clean the magnetic drain plug.    Date Done _________
08. Check and adjust belt. Date Done.     Date Done___________________________________
09. Lube the shift/brake lever bearings*. and speedometer cable*.     Date Done____________
10. Check rear brake pedal adjustment.      Date Done_________________________________
11. Inspect brake pads and discs for wear.     Date Done_______________________________
12. Check brake fluid reservoir levels and condition.   Date Done________________________
13. Inspect oil lines and brake system for leaks.  Date Done____________________________
14. Lubricate the following: front brake hand lever, throttle control cables, 
throttle clutch control cable and hand lever, jiffy stand.  Date Done _____________________________
15. Inspect fuel valve, lines and fittings for leaks.    Date Done__________________________
16. Clean fuel tank filter screen.  Date Done_________________________________________
17. Check tire pressure and inspect tread.    Date Done________________________________
18. Check wheel spoke tightness.  Date Done________________________________________
19. Check front fork bearing adjustment.  Date Done____________________________________
20. Check operation of all electrical equipment and switches.  Date Done__________________
21. Check cruise control disengage switch & other components.*    Date Done______________
22. Check battery electrolyte level and clean battery connections.  Date Done______________
23. Inspect spark plugs.   Date Done_______________________________________________
24. Check condition of rear shock absorbers.  Date Done_______________________________
25. Check air suspension - pressure, operation and leakage.   Date Done__________________
26. Check engine mounts.   Date Done______________________________________________
27. Check tightness of all fasteners except engine head bolts.   Date Done_________________
28. Check ignition timing and vacuum hose.  Date Done________________________________
29.Lubricate hinges, latches - fuel door, Tour-Pak, saddlebags* __________________________________________________________________________
30.Check engine idle speed adjustment. __________________________________________________________________________
31. __________________________________________________________________________
32. __________________________________________________________________________
33. __________________________________________________________________________
34. __________________________________________________________________________
35. __________________________________________________________________________
36. __________________________________________________________________________
37. __________________________________________________________________________
38. __________________________________________________________________________
39. __________________________________________________________________________

* If applicable.

A bike that has been taken care of can look just like new or better and it can
go forever without major work. If there are any tips or tricks that  you
would like to share with your fellow bikers, send it to

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