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If you trailer your Bike this a must

These tie down brackets are for your Harley for easier trailering. They mount on the rear of your bike so you have a place to put the hook of your tie down to prevent scratching. There are two kinds of brackets available. One style goes on your sissy bar bracket, the other one goes on to special mounting studs that are on Dyna Glide Convertible removable saddle bag brackets. The part # for the mounting stud is 90365-94 Cost is $9.50 Each

Tie down brackets are made of billet aluminum. Part Number 1996 A bolts on at the sissy bar. Part Number 1996 B just hooks on at stud.

These studs can be purchased at your Harley Dealer.

When you are trailing your bike, it should be secured with two sets of tie downs at all times.

Part number 1996A Cost $29.95 A Set
Part number 1996B Cost $29.95 A Set

F 0 B Ferndale Mi.

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