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Motorcycle Cover Not Like Any You Have Seen

 Motorcycle Cover

 Motorcycle Cover

Has anyone ever told you that you can't cover your bike while on a trailer? Now you can! Here is a cover for your bike. It will keep the road grime away: stones, water, sand and whatever else might harm your Harley. Before you go on a trip you want to buy a trailer for your bike and it has to be enclosed. But you finally get back to reality when you find out the price $4000.00 and up. So you say, now what do I do? You can make your own Motorcycle Cover. You can use plastic, tarps, bed sheets, or a motorcycle cover that is not made for trailering. No one makes a Motorcycle Cover like this one. Well you can buy my cover for your Harley. It works because of the way it is made. It's made of one-piece material so it won't rip at the seams and made of the best Sunbrella Fabric, a strong water-repellent fabric. The Sunbrella fabric breathes, which prevents moisture from condensing on the inside of the cover. Take a look at the photos, you will see the fit of the cover is most important so the cover does not flap around. For under $300.00 it does what you want. Try one today. Call 1-800-777-5543.

A new cover for your bike. Used to protect your bike while it is on a trailer going across the country. Keeps the bike from scuffing, scratching or chipping your parts or paint. Cleaning is kept to a minimum.

This cover has something else about it that you might like. Not only does it protect the bike from the elements, it also protects it from parts theft when you park it at a hotel or motel at night. Everything is wrapped so tight the thief can't get it with out making a lot of noise. We also recommend a Gorilla ô Ultra-Compact Cycle Alarm # 5007.
We completed our test on this cover in March 1997. It performed just great. We started out in a ice storm and as we went on it was snowing, and of course we had to have some rain. We were on our way to Bike Week and, of course,when you get there you just want to rest and get your bike off of the trailer. Well, it was time to uncover the bike and see if there was any damage. The bike was just fine. I just had to clean a few parts that were exposed and I was all set. I had no stone chips or scratches and the bike was clean. After traveling a total or 3500 miles, thatís a great track record!
This new motorcycle cover by Marlin Corporation Each cover comes with a handy storage bag,Click here to see Storage Bag

Part number ICC-Motorcycle Cover 1997 Cost $295.00
Part number ICC-Motorcycle Cover 1998 for crash bars Cost $295.00

Specification and prices subject to change without notice.

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