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Thank you for giving our online catalog a try. Please read Terms Of Sale below before ordering
To order you can use Cash, Credit Cards, Checks or Money Orders. No COD please. If you are paying with a check, the check must clear before product will be sent .You can place your order by phone at
1-800-777-5543 , Fax 1-248-683-8284 or by the net. Use our order form and send it off. To send a fax you can use the fax form below and print it out. Or you can get the fax form below and copy and paste it to write or notepad. Whatever is best for you. Then fill in the blanks and send it off.
Our clocks will be sent by U.S.P.S. your shipping cost is $5.00 in the U.S.

We Accept
American Express, MasterCard & Visa


  • Actual shipping cost will be added to your bill. For your protection, credit card orders will only be sent to the card holders address. Most orders are shipped via UPS ground. Heavy items (assembled transports etc.) will be sent by truck.

Sales Tax

  • Michigan residents will pay 6% sales tax .

Return policy

  • Custom work can not be returned
  • No returns after 30 days from receipt of merchandise
  • Any returns must have an RMA number on the box.


  • warranty claims to be handled by manufacturer
    Please type in info for these boxes below.
    If you fill in this ordering form with parts and need to do a new page you do not have to fill in the area with your personal info again. Just use the telephone and date as the reference numbers. Also if you have given your credit card info you do not need to do it again.

    Click here for Fax order form

    Marlin’s Motorcycles Fax order form

    Last update 3/20/2004

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