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Storage is one of the most important times to take care of your bike so there will be trouble-free operation of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle when you are ready to ride again.

Placing Motorcycle in Storage

If the motorcycle will not be operated for several months, such as during the winter season, there are several things which should be done to protect parts against corrosion, to preserve the battery and to prevent the build-up of gum and varnish in the carburetor.


Fuel is flammable. Do not store motorcycle having gasoline in tank within the home or garage where open flames, pilot lights, sparks or electric motors are present.

Make a list of everything you do and fasten it to a handgrip. When you take the motorcycle out of storage, this list will be your reference/check-list to get your motorcycle in operating condition. Click here for list

1. Warm motorcycle to operating temperature; change oil and turn engine over to circulate the new oil.

2. Fill fuel tank and add a gasoline stabilizer. Use one of the commercially available gasoline stabilizer, following the manufacturer's instructions. Run the engine until the gasoline stabilizer has had a chance to reach the carburetor float bowl. Turn fuel supply off.

3. Adjust the belt.

4. Check tire inflation. Adjust to proper inflation pressure. Wash and wax paint and chrome surfaces.

5. See BATTERY for proper battery care. Remove battery from the motorcycle and charge. Store the battery above freezing temperatures, trickle charge once a month and keep the electrolyte level above the plates.


Disconnect the battery vent tube from battery before removing battery; or take note of tube routing so it is installed in the proper place when you remove vehicle from storage.


Keep battery away from areas that may have sparks or flames. A spark could cause an explosion.

6. If motorcycle is to be covered, use a material such as light canvas, that will breathe. Plastic materials that do not breathe promote the formation of condensation.

This is a list for you to print out and put on your bike.

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