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Lazy Rider Cycle Bag

New Material Covering; We have replaced the vinyl covering with an enriched synthetic (very thick and sturdy, looks and feels just like afirst grade leather).

No More Zipper: We redesigned the opening and closing of the bag. The zipper has been removed and replaced with a closure flap with a twisting chrome lock. This makes getting in and out of the bag much easier and removes the occurance of occasional zipper failures. Now there is nothing to break.

Lazy Rider

Lazy Rider

Lazy Rider

Lazy Rider

Bag Sizes

I have found that one bag size does not fit all. Feedback from my customers told me that my original 12" diameter Lazy Rider bag is a little too large for some riders of the Sportsters, Intruders, Viragos and some Honda Shadows. These bikes , it seems, donít have quite as much space in the passenger area as do some of the larger cruiser bikes. The result is that the larger bag forces the rider to sit a little too far forward on their smaller cruiser bike.
Therefore, I have designed and developed an identical, but smaller version of my Lazy Rider bag. This new bag is 10" in diameter which gives the rider another two full inches of room. My intention is to provide the riders of the mid-range cruiser bikes with a backrest and bag combination which will fit their bike better. 2BAGS.gif (34672 bytes)
Which size do you need? Measure from the face of the sissy bar to the begining downward slope where the rider sits. If your measurement is around  10 " to 11.5",  you will probably need the smaller bag. If the measurement is around 12" - 13",  then you will probably need the larger bag.  If  you have a bike with a measurement of 14 - 15" then you will need a spacer of some type to sit between the sissybar and the bag in order to move the bag forward a little.
Measure this distance.Backseat.bmp (361256 bytes)


Exception: A smaller individual with short legs, who has to sit forward to firmly plant their feet on the pegs,  might be able to use the larger bag even on a smaller bike. Not to worry. If  you happen to choose the wrong size,  I will trade even with you.  You ship the bag back at your expense and I will ship and pay the freight to send you the other size bag. ( This offer is  for USA  customers only.)

Both bags retail for the same price of $174.95 (plus shipping).

Bag Description

To: Cruiser Bike Riders

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